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Losing Weight with Green Tea ?        

The green tea belongs to the type of non-fermenting tea, with a quality feature of "clear tea infusion with green leaves"; this type of tea has the biggest output in China, and the basic processing procedure of the green tea is divided into three steps: heating, rubbing and drying.

According to the different processing technologies, the green tea is divided into fried green tea, baked green tea, steamed green tea and dried green tea. The steamed green tea is to heat the tea by steaming; to heat the tea by pan-frying can be divided into frying, baking and drying, which is called heating by frying, heating by baking and heating by drying.

West LakeLongjing, Xinyang Maojian, Bi Luochun, and Sanbeixiang belong to fried green tea; Mount Huang Maofeng, Youjiyuluo, and Luhai pekoe belong to baked green tea;Enshiyulu belongs to steamed green tea.

Nowadays anyone walking into their local coffee shop or into their grocery store might have noticed a major change in the choice of teas offered - Green Tea has now become a popular alternative to the usual orange pekoe on many lists.

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But why should you consider changing from your usual hot drink to green tea? You'd be helping yourself to a longer and healthier life, according to many health experts.

Green tea becomes an active ingredient in many weight loss products. When health benefit varieties of green tea are listed, weight loss is not usually first on the list ,As research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition "Consumption of green tea produced thermogenesis and increased energy expenditure and fat oxidation" in humans.Green tea, as an active ingredient used in many of the top weight loss products when weight loss products claim they contains natural ingredients, green tea is nearly always in the list.

For centuries, people, especially in China have enjoyed the goodness of a hot or cold cup of flavorful green tea. One of the world's most popular beverages, green tea can soothe, refresh, stimulate, calm, enlighten, promote happiness and even promote health. Green tea can also help you reach weight-loss goals. And there's one tea that does just that in an extremely effective manner.

Antioxidant in Green Tea Benefits Weight Loss

Green Tea Weight Loss,Green tea epigallacatechin gallate ( The compound known as EGCG ), a key element in polyphenol antioxidant contained in green tea, benefits weight loss by helping the body burn fat. A study in Switzerland found drinking the equivalent of 2-3 cups of green tea daily caused the participants to burn 80 extra calories each day, without increasing their heart rates and factoring out the tea's caffeine content.

Other More Key Benefits of Green Tea Besides Weight Loss

Polyphenols are a group of naturally occurring plant chemicals with very high antioxidant potential. Antioxidants are substances that protect the body from free radicals, which are special molecules and fragments of molecules that can damage your body from a cellular level.
Free radicals hurt the body by making you more vulnerable to degenerative diseases like cancer and heart disease.
Antioxidants help by deactivating the free radicals and minimizing the amount of damage they have done or will do.

The many health benefits of green tea, all of which have been demonstrated in scientific studies,include

Cancer protection.

Cholesterol reduction.

Blood pressure reduction.

Antibacterial and antiviral activity .

Protection against radiation.

Reduction of body fat.

Reduction of blood sugar .

Polyphenols, High Richest in Green Tea Beverage.

The basic difference between green tea and black tea (the more commonly seen variety) is in the fermentation. Green tea leaves are preserved by various techniques such as steaming and baking right after being picked; whereas black tea leaves are exposed to the air for a length of time and then processed. This method gives green tea its unique color and also helps retain one vital resource - the polyphenol.

Green Tea's Dosage Recommendation

Typical dosage recommendations are for 125-500 mg/day - preferably of an extract standardized to at least 60% polyphenols and/or EGCG as a marker compound (this should be equivalent to 4-10 cups of brewed green tea).

Green tea, besides, a typical beverage around the world, provides numerous health benefits as well as its weight loss properties. Consuming green tea or green tea extract can help you lose weight, and at the same time provide all these extra benefits.

Wu long tea ( oolong) weight loss
Wu long tea burns 1.57 times more calories than green tea...
Drinking two cups of Wu long tea every day helps shed stubborn pounds by boosting your metabolism.